HandbooksEach Cub Scout is expected to own a copy of the handbook appropriate for their rank and to bring the handbook to each den meeting. The handbook provides the requirements to earn each rank (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light) and a place to record progress. Each Cub should write his or her name in permanent ink on the title page (inside the book) in the space provided for this purpose.

For Tiger through Bear ranks, if an activity is completed outside of the den meeting, the parent, adult partner, or another trusted adult should sign in the handbook, indicating the Cub Scout has done their best to complete the requirement. The den leader then approves that requirement after consultation with the family or the Cub Scout to confirm completion. If a requirement is completed in a den meeting, the den leader signs in both places. Den leaders may, however, ask an assistant or parent who helps at meetings to play the role of “Akela” and assist with the approvals. For Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks, the den leader signs for approval of all requirements, unless the den leader delegates this responsibility. (Guide to Advancement, section

We recommend purchasing the Cub Scouts Handbook Cover #633350 to help maintain the handbook condition; your Cub Scout should be able to use this cover for several years.

NOTE: There are no Bobcat or Arrow of Light handbooks. The Bobcat rank is in the front of every handbook; the Arrow of Light rank is part of the Webelos program and the requirements are in the Webelos handbook.

Handbook Updates – December 2016

In December 2016, the requirements were updated for allĀ ranks and adventures. New handbooks that include the updates requirements are starting to be seen in stores; the new handbooks have a solid color cover, not the wood grain cover. You can download the addendum with updated rank and adventure requirements to use with the wood grain cover handbooks below:

Tiger | Wolf | Bear | Webelos/Arrow of Light

Purchasing Handbooks

Locally, handbooks may be purchased at Rancho Army Navy Store in Temecula.

The California Inland Empire Council operates Scout Shops in Redlands and Montclair. Click here for information about these Scout Shops. Locations of all BSA Scout Shops and authorized retailers (including Orange and San Diego Counties) are available at https://www.scoutshop.org/storelocator

Online purchases can be made at ScoutShop.org, the official BSA online retail site.

Last updated: August 24, 2018