Wall of Fame

Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light
These youth earned Cub Scouting’s highest rank: Arrow of Light. This is the only Cub Scout rank emblem that can be worn on a Scouts BSA uniform and an adult leader uniform.

Aaron Andaya
Cole Sponseller
Connor Rahe
Evan Marlatt
Hunter Goldfarb
Jack Gallaher
Jacob Bradwell
Jacob Freeman
Kailee Crafts
Logan Yoakum
Tony DeVore
Vincent Vasquez

Otto Araujo
Tariq Castaneda
Conall Crawley
Grant Gardner
Bodhi Gilbert
Jonathan Griswold
Liam Hutchins
Steven Jones
Joshua Kerenyi
Nathan McNally
Noah Moore
Diego Pietila
Joseph Prichard
Caleb Rice
Aaron Rondeau
Vincent Swiatly

Erik Diaz
Nick Gabriel
Quintin Keplinger
Ryan Monfils
Jonathan Prichard
Adrian Rodriguez
Ethan Rondeau

Jonah Boring
Levi Bruner
Aden Dayon
Dacota Jackson
Dylan Leap
Nathaniel Moreno
Jacob Prichard
Benjamin Rodriguez
Evan Sandvig
Logan Shipek
Zachery Sullivan
Kane Van Slyke
Bryce Wade

Seth Arnold
Jeffrey Hagman
Conner Hanlon
Joshua Hess
Michael Jones
Louis Rodriguez

Jeremiah Baker
Eric Bonnes
Tyler Gabriel

Austin Detrempe
Matthew Page

Jonathan Hoefler

Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence 2018 Gold 100% Boys' Life

Journey to Excellence is a performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success, and measure the performance of units, districts, and councils. This is an achievement earned by the entire pack, and all pack members wear the most current award on their uniform to show that the pack has earned this award.

2019 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2018 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2017 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2016 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2015 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2014 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2013 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2012 – Gold 100% Boys’ Life
2011 – Gold

Tahquitz District Awards

Tahquitz District

Kelli Keenum – Unit Driving Force

Three Peaks District Awards

Three Peaks District
Pack 374 was a member of the Three Peaks District through the end of 2017, when the district was dissolved.

Jason Yoakum – Den Leader of the Year

Dylan K. – Cub Scout of the Year
Geoff Rice – Den Leader of the Year
Denise Boring – Assistant Cubmaster of the Year
Matt Gardner – Cubmaster of the Year
Denise Boring – District Award of Merit

Denise Boring – Cub Scout Leader of the Year

Pack of the Year
Alex B. – Cub Scout of the Year
Earl Jackson – Assistant Den Leader of the Year
Chris Jones – Unit Leader Award of Merit
Dave Boring – Committee Chair of the Year
Lynn Jones – Spouse of the Year
Tim Bonnes – Spouse of the Year
The Borings – Scout Family of the Year

Michael J. – Cub Scout of the Year
Denise Boring – Cub Scout Leader of the Year
Susan Gabriel – Tiger Cub Scout Leader of the Year
Lynn Jones – Unit Driving Force award

Chris Jones – Cubmaster of the Year

Wood Badge Participants

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is Scouting’s premier training course for adult leaders. Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scouting movement. The first Wood Badge training was held at Gilwell Park (UK) in September 1919, and continues to be used throughout the Scouting world. Wood Badge training is recognized by the Gilwell totem of the axe and log. When participants complete the course and their personal goals, they are presented with the wooden beads.

Course W4-45-18-2
Marlenne Roldan, Antelope

Course W4-45-17-2
Dave Boring, Fox
Carly Crawley, Bear
Kelli Keenum, Bobwhite
Geoff Rice, Antelope
Jason Yoakum, Fox

Course W4-45-16-2
Matt Gardner, Bear
Steven Leap, Buffalo

Course W4-45-15-2
Denise Boring, Eagle
Earl Jackson, Bobwhite
Chris Jones, Bear

Last updated: March 2, 2020